• Standard Products/Value-added Services

    Relying on Ebon Group’s coordination in six business sectors, including supply chain management consultation, lean supply chain operations, logistics technology and equipment, grand healthcare industry, supply chain comprehensive finance, and cross-border E-commerce and trade, and combining with its own experience with the customers and industries, Ebon Supply Chain focuses on customer requirements, and hence Ebon Supply Chain can provide you with dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution services, and can also satisfy your varied customization requirements.Meanwhile, Ebon Supply Chain also provides a series of value-added services such as software and hardware logistics technologies and omni-channel supply chain management consultation, which can help you further improve the effectiveness of your supply chain.

    Warehousing Operations

    Warehousing products:cargo handling, inspection and warehouse-in, storage management, batch management, order receiving, document printing, packing list allocation, whole box picking, double-check verification, routine stocktaking, warehouse-out dispatching

    Operation value-added services: product labeling, product assembling, product unpacking, packaging replacement, invoice printing, split picking, special packing, green packing, in-warehouse interception, special stocktaking, urgent dispatching, commodity traceability, returned cargo inspection, returned cargo warehouse-in, consumable purchasing agency, present allocation and dispatching, disposal treatment, product weighing

    Data value-added services:expiry date management, insurance purchasing agency, circulation analysis, inventory analysis, order combination, order splitting, packaging video recording

    Transportation and Distribution Services

    Transportation and distribution products:E-commerce warehouse-in, distribution to home, distribution to store, distribution to business super, inter-warehouse allocation, main line dispatching, channel distribution

    Operation value-added services: In-transit interception, periodical distribution, delivery to door, unpacking inspection, E-signing, paper waybill return, insurance purchasing agency, reverse recycling, route planning, customer visit

    Data value-added services:SMS notification, delivery appointment, order tracing, waybill modification, successful delivery analysis, transit time analysis, address management, telephone interview

    Logistics Technologies

    Software products:Order Management System (OMS), Warehousing Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), equipment dispatching system (WCS) , Product Target Tracking System (TTS)

    System integration:E-label splitting sorting integrated system (DPS/DAS), auto weighing and volume measuring integrated system (DWS), order video tracing system (OTV), AS/RS pallet storage system, box-type high-speed sorting system, mini-load circulating box storage system

    System maintenance:Routine maintenance, system upgrade, software update

    Customization:system interface development, software function development, hardware equipment purchasing agency, integrated debugging

    Consultation Services

    Supply chain management:whole supply chain process optimization, logistics operations planning

    Financial technology:supply chain finance solution, supply chain financial platform building

    Logistics real estate: logistics park planning, logistics park operations

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